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NUCO Title Insurance Agency, Inc.


Welcome to Nuco Title Insurance Agency.   Nuco is a full service title insurance agency licensed to provide title and settlement services throughout New Jersey.  Since 1982, our Company has focused on serving its customers with efficient personalized service and products available in the industry.  Our goal is to facilitate your purchase, sale or refinance of residential and commercial real estate through a hands on approach.  We pride ourselves on being one of New Jersey’s best in this regard.

Nuco’s commitment to client service, efficiency and accuracy is paramount.  With our advanced industry technology, innovative solutions and attention to detail we enjoy long-term success in our operations and customer satisfaction ratings.  Nuco continues to be a New Jersey industry leader.

Call 201-507-0990 and speak with a representative to see how we may help serve you best.  Allow us to assist you in growing your business.

Nuco Title Insurance Agency, Inc. is underwritten by Fidelity National Insurance Agency, Inc.  A company recognized and accepted by lenders, attorneys and builders throughout the industry.  We at Nuco are very proud of our relationship with our underwriters  This bond helps us foster Nuco’s commitment to provide exceptional products and service to our clients.

Why Choose Nuco title insurance agency

We have established a strong reputation as a firm of highly skilled counsel providing experienced and effective legal services to its clients.

  • Problem Solving Abilities

    NUCO strives to provide first-class assistance to its clients with a strategy based approach.

  • Expert Title Agents

    Our agents are competently committed to assisting you.

  • Low Cost

    The monetary value of our services will be exemplary to all other insurance agencies.

  • Great Support

    Our client support is contentedly active in providing you daily support

Certified with Secure Insight,
formerly Secure Settlements Inc.